Reading "Dividend Mantra"

I recently discovered a new website that is chock full of good investor information. It has been added to my blog roll: Dividend Mantra.

What’s so good about this web site? It chronicles one man who has been pursuing dividend-based financial freedom since 2010.

  • The author once had a big chunk of money from inheritance. He blew it all. Thankfully, he learned a great lesson, albeit the hard way.
  • His plan is financial freedom by the age of 40, meaning he plans to have enough dividend income to pay his expenses by that age.
  • Be doesn’t hide from all risk nor buy products that allege to shield one from all risk. Instead, he weighs things suitably.
  • The man discloses how much get gets from his job, his portfolio, what he spends, and what he invests. Haven’t seen that yet. It’s all there to see.

I’ll be keeping my eye on his blog. The irony is that while I feel I discovered him, he already has over 1 million hits, so it would be an even higher honor if he would discover me. 🙂

One thought on “Reading "Dividend Mantra"”

  1. I agree 100%. I have similar idea for seaverl years but never hold one stock for a few months. After reading your plan, in the past 2 days, I started to accumulate stocks, bought around 15 stocks, just bought another one today. Many of these stocks, I bought cheaper early this year, but I sold them for a small profit. Now I paid higher price and will keep them for long long time.Thanks for publishing your research and practice results. You gave me the confidence needed in this investing methodology.

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