Chevron posts $1.00 dividend

Chevron (CVX) has declared a $1.00 dividend to be paid out on November 18th. This adds up to $4.00/year or about 3.3% yield with stock price around $128/share as of last Friday.

I own a small piece of Chevron in my Roth IRA. But to really put my money where my mouth is, I opened a custodial brokerage account for both of my kids and bought shares of Chevron for both. It adds up to about 60% of the account holdings.  I hope that when my kids reach the age of majority, they will have learned enough to let the shares keep on growing. 
Chevron has strong history of paying and growing dividends.
Heads up: talk to your CPA to understand your options in gifting money to your kids through custodial brokerage accounts. Basically, it’s a tax free donation now, with no tax consequences to you down the road. For them, it’s a long term capital gain from something they didn’t have to set aside. So like I said, be sure to talk to your tax advisor to see if it fits in your plan. 

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