VNR pays $0.2075 distribution

Like clockwork, VNR has paid out it’s $0.2075/share distribution late on Friday. Considering this is my biggest stock holding, I get a nice warm fuzzy every month this arrives. I’ve already scheduled the entire distribution to be sent as payment on my HELOC.

I also enjoy that my children’s custodial accounts have picked up some more shares of VNR thanks to reinvested dividends. I’m building wealth for myself, and for my children as well.

As a side note, I may have to revisit my spreadsheet used to track cost basis. For my other stocks, it’s no big deal. You only need to track the purchase price of each lot you own. But with VNR and it’s MLP nature, every dividend payment causes a reduction in cost basis for each lot. This means I have to track about five bits of information each month. It can get complex, but this is something I can’t depend on my broker maintaining

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