The Wealth Building Society migrates to WordPress

wordpress-300x300I have been running this blog site for almost two years. It has been fun using Blogger, but I have slowly realized that many things I needed were missing. I did a bunch of research over the past couple of weeks. Seeing that it was easier than ever to migrate to WordPress, I did a few practice runs and finally moved everything yesterday.

So far, it appears that all my permalinks are in shape. I have had to put in one permanent redirect for a particular blog post. I’ll have the two pages fixed in no time. I have to examine the comments system. I can’t guarantee that the means through which you submitted comments in the past will continue to work. But I at least know that existing comments were transferred.

All in all, I’m excited. WordPress looks much more sophisticated, is easier to manage, and now I own this content 100% with no conflicts from Google.

4 thoughts on “The Wealth Building Society migrates to WordPress”

    1. Thanks Tyler! Things look like they are settling out and stabilizing. I’m already digging the new look and feel of things.

    1. @No Nonsense
      It was really easy. There are online guides as well. Given your IT background I imagine it to not be tough for you to install wordpress locally and “rehearse”.

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