Happy 2nd Birthday, Wealth Building Society!

Two years ago, I launched this website by documenting my plans to cut off all funds going into my 401K and instead route the same money into an EIUL. I went on to write up my other plans, such as buying real estate and dividend paying, dividend growing stock.

I have written many other opinion pieces, chronicling either my own ventures or reporting on things I have observed in the financial world.

Since then, I have seen readership grow. I have run into colleagues at conferences, on Skype, and other forums, had exciting conversations, and many thanks for taking the blinders off the iffy world of mutual fund investments.

I wanted to start this site for several reasons. One was the pure fact that since I discovered that mutual funds didn’t work, I had to tell everyone that I knew. I couldn’t keep it to myself!

I also noticed that since the paradigm of passively throwing money into a handful of mutual funds inside a 401K wrapper had been shattered, I observed a LOT of other financial advice that didn’t hold water. I began crunching scenarios using spreadsheets. I learned to not take someone’s “average rate of return” for granted and hence discovered the difference between arithmetic mean vs. geometric means, i.e. the CAGR.

I began reading web sites that also eschewed mutual and index funds, and instead focused on stronger, historically validated wealth building tactics. I read several articles that mentioned a town outside Atlanta in which a whole batch of millionaires had been created decades ago because of this small town banker that had suggested to the local farmers that they buy one share here and there of Coca-Cola and reinvest the dividends. Ever hear stories like that from your 401K spokesperson at work? Didn’t think so.

I wanted to share these exciting experiences that I was learning in the arena of building retirement wealth. And I definitely wanted to communicate that building wealth wasn’t confined to the fear of opening quarterly statements in a bad year.

Suffice it to say, it has been a fantastic two years. I appreciate the various people I have met and been able to trade opinions.

One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Wealth Building Society!”

  1. Congrats on two years of solid financial blogging. I’m glad I found your site this year (through a comment you left on another site) and plan on following along for as long as you’re writing.

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