2013 taxes filed…whew! Say what?!?

TaxesThis past Wednesday, I finished filing my taxes. What?!?! Wasn’t that due back in April?

Well, yes and no. Income taxes in the United States are due April 15th. But you are able to file for a six month extension. As I’ve blogged before, my taxes are too complicated to get done in time. So my accountant has been chugging away, and we finally wrapped things up on the given deadline, October 15th.

And the celebration is that I got a big refund! How much? Well, I don’t publish actual numbers on this site, but try 4% of my taxable┬áincome. Now you go and calculate how much that would be for you, and tell if that wouldn’t make you happy.

Filing complex taxes is no small feat. Even though my CPA is well versed in real estate, LLCs, tax deductions I never knew about (like fees for pre-school for my kids), I have to produce all the paperwork for him to scour. This included closing HUD forms for buying and selling houses last year. One was missing. And then I remembered: we couldn’t make it to the closing and my father-in-law had been empowered to sign for us. I contact my agent, who gave me the title company’s number. I left a message and they fired me a copy of the HUD.

I was about to throw in the towel on child pre-school deductions given that I couldn’t find the church’s EIN number. But my CPA had checked some published registry and found them, cross checked against the street address I supplied. Woot!

Moral of the story: know where all your financial paperwork is. And don’t forget to keep email addresses and phone numbers for the people that can find critical bits for you.

So what will I do with this extra cash? Stand by. I’ll let you know.

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