Some of the best wealth building strategies are simple yet subtle

I took my kids to visit Disney World recently. Frequent readers of this blog already know I own a town home outside Orlando.

You might disagree with The Disney Company’s efforts to extend copyright law, but you cannot ignore the sheer brilliance of Walt Disney’s core idea to tap the public domain for stories.

That man has taken vintage stories from the past and breathed new life by writing music, creating cartoons and also attractions you can ride to enjoy these timeless classics.

Couple that with our constant rise in technology and Disney’s ability to re-release their movies in new formats with more bonus material, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

I was again reminded of how the parks and resorts appear to have suffered no recession whatsoever. You might disagree with the price if tickets, etc., but as a tentative investor, this company is rock solid.

Do I own any DIS stock? Nope. It’s not on my short list either. I find the dividend yield too low at around 1%. That and the fact that they only pay once a year simply moves it much lower than my other prospects.

But I would never fear the stock crashing or becoming worthless. People will be coming to the parks and the movie theaters for years to come.

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