Death of a dividend investing blog site

I was about to recommend someone checkout the glorious Dividend Mantra blog site, only to discover “something” had happened.

Reading a detailed blog article, I was shocked and amazed that the man who used to publish his ACTUAL DOLLARS and stock picks had seemingly sold out and the “new owners” are killing it faster than Socrates could down a glass of hemlock.

I agree with the author, that if offered a lump sum of perhaps $50K and a long term goal of financial independency by the age of forty, I might just as well. Sad, but apparently the case.

Dividend Mantra illustrated on a month-by-month basis that picking strong, stead, dividend yielding stocks CAN produce a consistent growth in monthly income. Large trading houses with billions of dollars spread across funds are “seeking alpha”, i.e. buy low/sell high gains, and we can never match them. Given they fail ANYWAY, there is no value pursuing them. But pursuing consistent, steady income DOES work.

If you’re looking for someone that has NOT sold out, check out That is a nice site that also has good tips and tricks when it comes to dividend investing.

So here’s a big salute to someone that might have attained his financial goals!