Real estate vs. stocks vs. EIULs

I’ve written many articles about real estate, stocks, and EIULs. You may be wondering if I value one over the other. The truth is, they all have their purpose. A lot of investment sites tend to prefer one over the other. For example, a lot of investor websites talk about mutual funds. Some even focus … Continue reading Real estate vs. stocks vs. EIULs

Annual Wealth Building Review

It’s been a year since I started tracking my net worth. This started after I had made the big withdrawal on my 401K but before I purchased any real estate. It has been an exciting and tumultuous year! All I can say is that I wish I had started tracking my progress years ago. I … Continue reading Annual Wealth Building Review

Active management vs. passive income

I recently wrote an introductory article where I listed a slew of tactics for building wealth. In this article, I want to dive into what is a crucial aspect of making those strategies work: active management. For some example of active management consider this: to engage in leveraged real estate you can’t simply “set it … Continue reading Active management vs. passive income

How to build retirement wealth

If you are a new reader here, perhaps it’s time for an introduction. I like sharing my opinions on how I am building retirement wealth. I also like to document how my own investments are doing. Some of these ideas might sound outrageous or in contradiction to what you’ve heard from your financial planner, financial … Continue reading How to build retirement wealth

Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

A couple months ago, I was presented with an opportunity I had not planned on when I initially formed my wealth building plan. I bought a new house using a little bit of creative financing. While we got a classic 25% down, 30-year mortgage, we opened a HELOC and borrowed an additional 15%, allowing us … Continue reading Are you ready to seize the opportunity?